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Join in on the adventure that is my first 3D game called Bear Hunt.

Bear Hunt is a game where you are a hunter and you need to kill as much bears as you can the bears spawn from the caves.There is one hidden cave that spawns polar bears.

The polar bears have more move speed than the other bears so they are faster and they will be on they way to eat you;

After the bears get to you they will try to eat you and will pile up on you and try to get as much food as they can so be careful, don't let the bears eat you.

If you're game lags i found that is best to be played at window mode 1360x768.

If you have any suggestions or you find a bug post it down in the comments and i will try my best to fix the bug and add some of you're suggestions.

Install instructions

Download the rar file than extract it to a folder of you're selection open the Bear Hunt folder there will be two files a Bear Hunt_Data file and a Bear Hunt.exe file open that file and enjoy the game.


Bear Hunter.rar 9 MB

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